CEO of Wondervison Films LTD, Entrepreneur, Creative Director, Photographer.

Daniel 'Danny Wonders' Owusu is the founder and CEO of Wondervision films LTD. Since the day he chose to get involved in a group Media project in college, he was handed the task of an editor, the end results proved beneficial. Just having an idea and being able to put it together with the team sparked his true calling in life. Which is to become one of the most iconic Directors of our Generation. 



With the peer pressure of parents, friends and society he was forced into taking a course at the University of Bedfordshire, Luton. Since undergoing a media course for his first year he realised the topic he had chosen was all theory based and non practical, he needed a way to get out of this predicament and stop going with what everyone was telling him to do. He realised only he was in true control of his forthcoming Destiny. In the final term of his first year he decided he would use his final student loan payment to purchase his first camera. He then dropped out of university and took on any job that came, whether it be interviews, events etc. The money was never in the picture, all he had was a vision and ambition to get what he deserved. 

Fast forward to the end of 2015, Danny Decided it was time to stop being half hearted with his passion and to go full time with what he truly wanted. He had been working in all types of jobs from retail to construction. He realised in order to become the best entreprenuer and fufill his true purpose he had to wake up for himself and put in the same passion and discipline he put into all the previous businesses he worked for. The odds were against him and be bet on himself that very moment, it was from that moment onwards that Wondervision Films began it's true journey to leaving a solid stamp the Industry has never seen before. He has created a diverse portfolio of different projects in such a short time and refuses to limit himself in the field of Film & Television. 





Screen Nation Award 2016

Wondervision Films took home the award for our web series "A lesson learnt" for "Best web series Ensemble" Directed by Danny Wonders & Written by  Scilla Owusu.